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Over the last 5 years through scientific research and working with horse diets it was found that copper, zinc and magnesium were deficient in the vast majority of horse diets analysed in RSA. These are not the only minerals found to be deficient but are the three needed in every diet in the quantities found in ImmunoHoof (IH) to prevent deficiencies. They are critical to the horse’s health and many body systems are affected by even mild shortages of these minerals.

IH can be fed to horses eating a wide range of diets from 100% pasture and hay based diets right through to horses receiving high concentrate diets. As it does not have any other nutrients besides zinc, copper and magnesium it will not balance or provide other missing nutrients to a diet.

Zinc and copper are critical to immune function, skin, joint and coat health, hoof wall strength and are powerful anti-oxidants in the horse. The high iron levels found in all feeds and forages in RSA prevent the uptake of sufficient zinc and copper and may result in iron overload in horses which can be counteracted by provision of zinc and copper in the diet. The immune system is the first system to suffer under mild zinc and copper deficiencies. This may prevent sufficient anti-body formation to vaccinations or reduce the immune system ability to effectively fight off infections so even horse’s not showing outward changes to IH have better immune and anti-oxidant status.

Horses may show less depressive behaviour, improved exercise tolerance, better learning ability and trainability, better coat and hoof growth, darkening of coat and hooves, more upright and stronger hoof wall growth and reduction in thrush when receiving correct amounts of these minerals. Coat changes can occur within a very short time and coats can darken or brighten up quite rapidly once supplementation begins. It is highly recommended that horses with any immunity issues, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, seedy toe, thrush, mud fever or rain scald, weak hoof walls, arthritis and bleached coats are given IH as these are all signs of trace mineral imbalance.

Magnesium has been included in the IH as it has a big role in many aspects of metabolism including a reported calming effect on the horse and is also important for insulin resistance.
If you cannot see a change within 2 – 3 months of feeding IH it could mean that the horse wasn’t deficient enough in either zinc, copper or magnesium to have visual changes. However, if you see changes in skin, coat, hoof or attitude your horse was extremely deficient in one or all of these essential minerals.

Label and dosages – Back2Basics ImmunoHoof
Mineral supplement designed for RSA conditions providing essential minerals missing from horse diets. Improves immunity, coat and hooves.
20g provides: 6 – 8g Magnesium, 700 mg Zinc, 250 mg Copper from inorganic oxide and sulphate sources. Add to the feed at a quarter of the daily dose building to the full dose over 2 -3 weeks to prevent horses refusing feed.

Dosage to be split between daily meals

  • 120 – 250 kg ponies : 8 – 10 g / 5-7ml daily
  • 250 – 400 kg ponies : 15 g / 2 level 5ml spoons daily
  • 400 – 650 kg horses : 20 g / 2 slightly rounded 5ml spoons daily Horses
  • 650 kg+ : 25 – 30 g / 3 slightly rounded 5ml spoons daily

IH and SA trace should also not be fed together as they both supply zinc and copper and could result in an overdose of these minerals. It is not recommended to feed IH with Fulvic acid.

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